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‘Is Government Data Accurate?’
Source: Malcolm T. Hedges - (8/15/10)

Government bureaucrats have nothing to but save but their jobs, so if “political” pressure is brought to bear on them they have few qualms about “slightly” fudging things to remain employed.

In my previous piece “Government Fudges Data To Hide Economic Reality” I addressed the “known” manipulation of published economic data to portray situations and status in a distorted light.

On several occasions private firms that depend on accuracy to retain their clients and remain in business have declared the published government data to have little correlation to reality.

It is general knowledge that the “Cost Of Living” index published by the Federal Machine has little to do with reality.

Likewise the “unemployment” and “employment” data issued by the Federal Machine is often challenged by private firms directly related to the field.

I will grant that a certain percentage of the content from the Federal Machine can be assumed to be inaccurate because of bureaucratic ineptness and laziness.  The question is how much “inaccuracy” is by design and/or intent?

Subtle manipulation of “data” by Federal Machine bureaucrats can have significant effects on perceptions of the American Street.

As someone once said: “Trust But Verify”...

Malcolm T. Hedges

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