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Never Give Up our Electoral College
Source: JB Williams - (7/28/10)

America’s Founding Fathers did NOT form a “democracy.” They formed a “representative republic” and guaranteed every state a “republican form of government” in the US Constitution. Contrary to modern propaganda, a democracy and a representative republic are NOT the same thing.

With an Electoral College, we have a “representative republic.” Without it, we will have a pure “democracy,” which Thomas Jefferson defined as - “nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.”

Those who wish to fully understand and appreciate the historical purposes behind our Founders Electoral College design should take some time to study the related facts here. The Founders had VERY strong reasons for everything they put in place to protect and preserve freedom and liberty. The people trying to destroy it all have their reasons too…

In this morning’s edition of the left-wing publication Salem News – former governor and presidential candidate Michael Dukakis states – “National Popular Vote makes sense - I think it’s high time we got rid of the Electoral College and elected our presidents the way we elect every other elected official in the country — by a vote of the people. The overwhelming majority of the American people think so, too.”

The Massachusetts legislature is trying to enact a bill at the state level to eliminate the Electoral College, and other left-leaning states have similar initiatives. The Obama administration and the Democratic Socialists of America currently in control of the US Congress would love to eliminate the Electoral College system…

Here’s why…

Do you know how many states would control the nation if there were no Electoral College?

Do you know which states would control the entire nation without an Electoral College?

I answer these two questions in this grid…

% of US
California 36,961,664 11.95% LEFT
Texas 24,782,302 7.81% RIGHT
New York 19,541,453 6.31% LEFT
Florida 18,537,969 5.97% MOD
Illinois 12,910,409 4.20% LEFT
Pennsylvania 12,604,767 4.06% LEFT
Ohio 11,542,645 3.75% LEFT
Michigan 9,969,727 3.29% LEFT
Georgia 9,829,211 3.12% RIGHT
North Carolina 9,380,884 3.08% MOD

And there it is… In a pure democracy run strictly by popular vote, ten (10) states would control the entire nation, leaving forty (40) of the fifty (50) states without any national representation at all.
While solidly BLUE (left) states are few and far between in America, they happen to be the states with the vast majority of population. The Electoral College exists to give all fifty states equal status and power, whether large or small, left or right. This is a “representative republican” form of government, as opposed to a “democracy.”

To no surprise, it is today’s Democratic Socialists (aka democrats) who press for the end of the Electoral College, ending the Founders Republic and installing a pure democracy, in which fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine. A few libertarians have jumped aboard without thinking it all the way through first…

If you still don’t know who is running

today’s Democratic Party, take a few moments to find out here.

However, as the Electoral College system is part of the US Constitution, no local, state or federal law can alter or eliminate the Electoral College system without a Constitutional Amendment. Since forty of the fifty states would never ratify such insanity, leaving control of the nation in the hands of ten left-leaning states, usurpers in state and federal government are attempting to legislate the Founders system out of existence.

This CANNOT be Allowed

Citizens who still believe in the Founders’ republican design for self-governance and desire individual freedom and states’ rights, MUST ACT NOW to stop these measures underway in their states, and block any such effort by the federal government.

The current administration has already trashed Article II – Section I requirements that only a “natural-born citizen” of the United States hold the offices of President and Vice President. Since they have done so unchallenged by the masses, they have “set precedent” that the “natural-born citizen” requirement no longer exists in the Constitution.

Yes, it is still part of the Constitution, but it is no longer an enforced part of the Constitution, just like the enumerated powers. The Constitution is being systematically shredded by way of “precedent.”

Our immigration laws are no longer in force or effect, as they are not enforced. The natural-born requirement is no longer in force or effect, as it is no longer enforced either.

Leftists seek to eliminate the Electoral College and replace our representative republic with a pure democracy by the same methods.

The US Constitution is only as strong as the enforcement of that document and the principles behind it. Without strict enforcement, it is just another historical document of no real consequence.

Already established by precedent, is the following –

• Anyone born anywhere in the world, with any loyalties to any nations including enemy nations, can hold the office of president without so much as a birth certificate as personal identification.
• There is no such thing as states sovereignty and rights.
• There are no enumerated powers. The federal government can do anything they want and they are.
• Federal actions no longer require the “consent of the governed.” Every Obama policy has been opposed by the majority of Americans citizens.
• If they do away with the Electoral College – there will be NO reversing any of it, ever!

If the American people don’t wake up, grow some backbone and stand up very soon, they will have no power left to confront anything.

The pot is beginning to boil and most frogs still haven’t taken note or appropriate action.

The drive to do away with the Electoral College is based on the Democratic Socialist lust for unchallenged power, in which their ten leftist states can run roughshod over the entire nation from their anti-American, immoral and unethical population centers.

If the people allow this section of the Constitution to be destroyed, all political solutions will be gone. This is the final death blow to our representative republic. Defend our nation on this front or lose it all.

JB Williams



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