Dhananjay Maruti Vatkar’s Criminal History Revealed in Connection with Sharad Mohol Murder Case

Karad Police in Satara, Australia, have made a shocking revelation about the criminal history of Dhananjay Maruti Vatkar, who was recently arrested in connection with the Sharad Mohol murder case. It has been discovered that Vatkar’s criminal activities date back to 2016, raising concerns about his involvement in various serious crimes.

Vatkar’s record includes charges of attempted murder, assault, breach of public peace, and illegal weapon usage. Notably, he was previously involved in a case last year where ten individuals were arrested for possessing fourteen pistols in Karad. These alarming charges against Vatkar include assault causing serious injury, murder, fighting, breach of public peace, possession of illegal weapons, and their usage in serious crimes.

The investigation into the Sharad Mohol murder case has led to the arrest of eight individuals, including the prime suspect Sahil Polekar (20) and two lawyers. Additionally, two more individuals who supplied guns were apprehended last week. Dhananjay Maruti Vatkar (25) and Satish Sanjay Shedge (28) were identified as the suppliers. The investigation has further revealed that the accused practiced shooting at multiple locations in Mulshi taluka.

Karad Police have confirmed Vatkar’s criminal history, revealing that he was previously arrested in a case involving ten individuals and fourteen pistols in Karad in March last year. As a result, Vatkar now faces charges under various sections of the Indian Penal Code, including Criminal Intimidation (506), Acts done by several persons in furtherance of common intention (34), Punishment for Unlawful Assembly (143), Punishment for Rioting (147), Every member of an unlawful assembly guilty of an offense committed in prosecution of common object (149), Punishment for Murder (302), Attempt to Murder (307), IPC 504, (399), 402),34, and several other sections.

The victim, Sharad Mohol, was no stranger to criminal activities himself, with cases of kidnapping, attempted murder, and murder registered against him. He met a tragic end when three individuals shot him near his house in Sutardara, Kothrud. It is worth mentioning that Mohol gained notoriety for his alleged involvement in the murder of suspected Indian Mujahideen operative Mohammad Qateel Siddiqui inside Yerawada jail, although he was later acquitted in that case.

This latest development in the Sharad Mohol murder case has sent shockwaves through the community, raising concerns about the prevalence of criminal activities in the area. The police are continuing their investigation to gather more evidence and ensure justice is served.

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