Investigation reveals Sahil Polekar and Namdev Kangude opened fire at Ajay Sutar in Pune murder case

Investigation by the Pune police has uncovered new details in the murder case of gangster Sharad Mohol. Two suspects, Sahil alias Munna Polekar and Namdev Kangude, who are currently in custody for the murder, have been linked to another violent incident.

According to the police, last month Polekar and Kangude allegedly opened fire at a young man named Ajay Dnyaneshwar Sutar, who had refused to be involved in the murder plot. Sutar, a resident of Mulshi, sustained a bullet injury to his leg. He promptly filed a First Information Report (FIR) against Polekar and Kangude at the Bundgarden police station in Pune.

The case was later transferred to the Paud police station in Pune Rural, as the shooting had taken place in Bhugaon village, which falls under their jurisdiction. On January 5, Sharad Mohol was shot dead by a group of men, including Polekar, near his residence in Sutardara, Kothrud.

On the same day, the police apprehended eight individuals, including Polekar, Kangude, and two lawyers, Ravindra Pawar and Sanjay Udhan, near Shirwal on the Pune-Satara highway. A search of their vehicles led to the discovery of three country-made pistols, three magazines, five live cartridges, and eight cell phones.

Further investigation revealed that Polekar and Kangude had a longstanding dispute with Mohol over financial and land dealings, which allegedly motivated them to carry out the murder. It is suspected that Polekar had been working for Mohol to monitor his activities and seized the opportunity to attack him. Prior to the crime, the shooters practiced firing in the Mulshi area on multiple occasions.

During the course of the probe, the police learned that Polekar and Kangude had approached Ajay Sutar in Bhugaon on December 17, 2023, to recruit him for the murder conspiracy. When Sutar refused, Polekar threatened him with a gun and eventually fired a shot, injuring Sutar’s leg.

Despite seeking medical treatment for the bullet wound, Sutar did not disclose the true nature of his injury to the doctor or the police at the time. The investigation also led to the arrest of five more individuals involved in the murder case, including two suppliers of the pistols used in Mohol’s killing.

The police have revealed that one of the arrested individuals, Aditya Gole, was present during the meeting where the murder plot was devised. The masterminds behind the conspiracy are still at large but are believed to be in contact with another arrested suspect whose identity has not been disclosed for investigative purposes.

This new information sheds light on the intricate web of events leading up to the murder of Sharad Mohol and highlights the extent of the planning and involvement of various individuals in the crime. The police continue their efforts to apprehend the remaining suspects and bring them to justice.

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