Man and Woman Indicted for Counterfeit Money Scheme at Southern Park Mall

Man and Woman Indicted for Counterfeiting at Ohio Shopping Mall

A man and woman from Brooklyn, New York, are facing multiple charges after allegedly attempting to use counterfeit $20 bills at stores in the Southern Park Mall, located in Boardman, Ohio.

According to a police report, on October 5, 2023, officers responded to a call from mall security regarding a suspect wearing a tie-dye shirt who was trying to flee through Macy’s. One of the officers spotted the man, later identified as 31-year-old Travis Bayne, walking quickly through the store. The officer ordered him to stop, and Bayne complied, allowing the officer to handcuff him.

Mall security informed the police that the woman accompanying Bayne, later identified as 35-year-old Tanisha Bynoe, was also allegedly involved in the counterfeiting scheme. However, she refused to stop, stating, “I’m not staying for this,” according to the report. Fortunately, she was apprehended near an exit shortly after.

During the arrest, police discovered a significant amount of cash on Bayne and learned that his driver’s license was in Bynoe’s car. Police subsequently searched the car and found various debit and credit cards, as well as prepaid gift cards, all belonging to Bayne.

Further investigation revealed that a manager at the mall had been alerted by other stores in Belden Village and the Summit Mall about a suspect matching Bayne’s description who had passed counterfeit money at those locations as well. The manager provided the police with security camera footage from those establishments.

Both Bayne and Bynoe were identified by employees from the victimized stores and were subsequently indicted on charges of counterfeiting, theft, and attempted theft. Bynoe is also facing an additional charge of obstructing official business.

This incident serves as a reminder to store owners and employees to remain vigilant in detecting counterfeit currency and to promptly report any suspicious activity to the authorities. The collaboration between mall security and law enforcement in this case demonstrates the importance of working together to maintain the safety and integrity of local businesses.

As the legal process unfolds, the accused individuals will have the opportunity to present their defense in court. The outcome of the trial will determine the consequences they will face if found guilty of the charges.

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