Outrage as Malaysian Woman Exposes Property Agent’s Racial Remark

Outrage and condemnation have erupted online following a shocking incident involving a Malaysian woman and a property agent. The woman, known as Kalvin, took to social media on January 10th to share her disturbing experience of encountering a racially discriminatory remark made by the agent while she was house hunting.

Kalvin revealed that she initially had a positive interaction with the real estate agent, identified as Alan Chia, when she contacted him for assistance. However, everything took a turn for the worse when she disclosed her name and ethnicity. At that point, Chia explicitly expressed his refusal to deal with individuals of Indian and Punjabi descent.

Expressing her anger and disappointment, Kalvin shared the incident on Twitter, stating, “This is truly unacceptable. Today it’s against Indians and Punjabis. Tomorrow it’ll be against Malays.” Her tweet quickly went viral, drawing widespread attention.

In response to the incident, IQI Global, the real estate company Chia worked for, conducted an investigation. The company subsequently terminated Chia’s employment based on their findings and his admission to making the discriminatory remarks. In an official statement, IQI Global expressed their strong opposition to any form of discrimination and emphasized their commitment to responding strongly against it.

Following his termination, Chia took to social media to issue a public apology. He expressed deep regret for his actions and extended his apologies to the Malaysian community, specifically to Indians, Punjabis, and Kalvin.

In response to the apology, Kalvin expressed her relief and stated that she did not intend to defame Chia, but rather wanted to convey the message that racial remarks are unacceptable. She believes that property agents should not have personal preferences when conducting business and should transparently cater to the requests of sellers and owners without bias.

Kalvin concluded by encouraging others who face racial discrimination from property agents to lodge complaints with the Board of Valuers, Appraisers, Estate Agents, and Property Managers (BOVAEP).

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing and condemning all forms of discrimination, and the need for individuals and organizations to take a stand against such behavior.

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