Parents Demand More Preventative Measures and Transparency After School Shooting in Iowa Town

Iowa Town Demands More Preventative Measures and Transparency After School shooting

Parents in an Iowa town are calling for increased preventative measures and transparency from school officials following a deadly school shooting earlier this month. During a Perry school board meeting, several parents expressed their concerns and offered suggestions for improving safety in schools.

One parent, Grace Castro, criticized the school district’s policies and emphasized the need for preventative measures. She suggested installing metal detectors at school entrances, implementing a temporary remote learning option, and enforcing a clear-bag policy. Castro argued that these measures were the minimum that could be done to ensure the safety of students.

Mark Drahos also called for additional preventative measures, acknowledging that it may not be possible to please everyone. He proposed ideas such as implementing a single-point entry to buildings, enforcing a no-bag policy, and increasing security with the presence of hall monitors.

Joseph Swanson emphasized the importance of addressing both security measures and mental health well-being. He acknowledged that finding a solution to the problem is not easy, but it is essential to enhance security measures and prioritize mental health support.

The school board meeting had been postponed from Sunday due to the death of Principal Dan Marburger, who was critically injured in the shooting. Marburger’s body will be escorted back to Perry on Tuesday, and funeral services are pending.

The shooting occurred in the Perry High School cafeteria, where students were having breakfast on their first day back from winter break. The attack was contained to the north end of the school, resulting in the death of sixth-grader Ahmir Jolliff and injuring seven others, including Marburger and other school staff members.

The district’s reopening plan is currently on hold due to Marburger’s death. School officials are seeking the expertise of law enforcement and safety experts and plan to have uniformed officers on-site as students return to school. Counseling services continue to be offered, and extracurricular competitions for middle and high school students will resume on Tuesday.

The 17-year-old student responsible for the shooting died from a self-inflicted gunshot. Authorities discovered a pump-action shotgun, a small-caliber handgun, and a rudimentary explosive device in the student’s belongings.

During the school board meeting, Ahmir Jolliff’s mother called for a review of the incident and the implementation of safety procedures to prevent future shootings. She requested that the student responsible be referred to by his name, Dylan, and not labeled as a school shooter or murderer.

The Perry community remains united in mourning and is focused on finding ways to ensure the safety and well-being of its students moving forward.

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