Phagwara Youth Killed by Nihang Sikh on Suspicion of Sacrilege in Punjab

Phagwara Youth Pleads Innocence Before Being Fatally Attacked by Nihang Sikh

A tragic incident unfolded in Kapurthala, Punjab, as a young man was brutally killed with a sword on suspicion of sacrilege at a local Gurudwara. The shocking act was captured on video, as the accused Nihang Sikh not only committed the crime but also took responsibility for it. After the brutal act, the accused locked himself inside the Chaura Khooh Gurudwara.

The accused, identified as Ramandeep Singh Mangu Math, mercilessly killed the young man with a sword. Prior to the murder, a video was recorded by the accused, where the deceased can be heard denying any involvement in sacrilege and claiming to be an honest and hardworking individual. However, despite the victim’s pleas, the Nihang Sikh proceeded to carry out the heinous act.

The deceased did admit to being sent by someone to desecrate Gurudwara Shri Choura Khooh Sahib, but he maintained that he did not commit sacrilege. It is unfortunate that the Nihang Sikh took matters into his own hands and resorted to killing the young man instead of handing him over to the police for further investigation. By doing so, the opportunity to apprehend the main culprit who orchestrated the sacrilege could have been missed.

The police arrived at the Gurudwara upon receiving news of the murder and took custody of the victim’s body. However, both the identity of the victim and the whereabouts of the accused remain unknown at this time.

This incident raises concerns about the apparent disregard for law and order, allowing individuals to take the lives of others without facing consequences. Punjab has witnessed several incidents of sacrilege in the past, including a case in Morinda Gurudwara where a man attempted sacrilege and attacked the Granths. In that instance, the accused was apprehended and handed over to the Punjab Police.

The investigation into this recent act of sacrilege and murder continues, with authorities working diligently to bring the responsible parties to justice. The community is left in shock and mourning as they grapple with the tragic loss of a young life and the implications of such violence within their sacred spaces.

By sharing the details of this incident, it is our hope that awareness will be raised regarding the importance of peaceful coexistence and the need to address conflicts through legal means rather than resorting to violence.

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