Rochdale Grooming: Deputy Mayor Blames Victim Blaming for Failings

Title: Deputy Mayor Reveals Failures in Protecting Girls from Grooming Gangs in Rochdale

In a damning review, it has been exposed that Greater Manchester Police and Rochdale Council failed to address the issue of child abuse by Asian men in the town between 2003 and 2012. The report has shed light on an “attitude of victim blaming” within the authorities, leading to a failure to protect young girls from sexual abuse by grooming gangs.

Kate Green, the Deputy Mayor of Greater Manchester, expressed her distress over the findings of the report, stating that victims were not trusted or believed. She also highlighted that agencies at the time made assumptions about troubled girls, blaming them for their own behavior.

Since then, there has been a significant overhaul in the way police handle child abuse cases. However, concerns have been raised that some people in Rochdale still believe the police approach has not changed. To address this, Greater Manchester Police has been asked to provide a further report to reassure the public that reports of abuse will be taken seriously.

The report also revealed that 96 men have been identified as potential risks to children in the town. These suspects are now being actively monitored. Local authorities are collaborating with hotels, fast food companies, and taxi services to identify signs of child sexual exploitation. Investigations are underway to bring these perpetrators to justice.

The Independent Office for Police Conduct has launched its own review of the Rochdale report to determine whether any police officers should be subjected to further scrutiny.

It is important to note that the report did not substantiate allegations that authorities failed to tackle grooming gangs due to fears of being labeled as racist. Deputy Mayor Green emphasized that this issue is about criminal behavior and that communities need to come together to condemn it.

In response to the review, local authorities across Greater Manchester are taking steps to bring communities together and prevent tensions from escalating. The focus is on uniting against evil perpetrators and ensuring that such crimes are not committed in their name.

The Greater Manchester Police has confirmed that none of its staff are currently under investigation regarding the issues highlighted in the report. However, they have assured the public that appropriate action will be taken if any misconduct or criminality is discovered.

In conclusion, the shocking revelations of the report have shed light on the failures of authorities to protect young girls from grooming gangs in Rochdale. Efforts are now underway to rectify the situation and ensure that such crimes are taken seriously and perpetrators are brought to justice.

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