Sonu Sood Condemns IndiGo Incident and Urges Kindness Towards Airline Staff

Sonu Sood Addresses Concerns over Attacks on Flight Attendants amid Viral Video

Sonu Sood, the popular Indian actor, recently took to his social media to express his concern over the growing number of incidents involving passengers attacking flight attendants. This comes after a viral video surfaced showing a passenger assaulting an IndiGo pilot following a flight delay announcement due to fog. Sonu Sood highlighted the increasing challenges faced by airline staff and emphasized the need for passengers to be more considerate towards the crew, especially during unforeseen circumstances like flight delays.

In his social media post, Sonu Sood stated, “Soon self-defense training programs will become mandatory for airline staff if people continue to behave in such unruly ways!” The actor stressed the importance of showing kindness and respect towards the airline crew, as delays are often beyond their control. He urged the public to understand that certain situations are uncontrollable and everyone deserves to be respected.

The video that went viral captured the shocking moment when a male passenger, wearing a yellow hoodie, physically assaulted the pilot after being informed of the flight delay. The passenger, identified as Sahil Kataria, was immediately asked to deboard, and the pilot filed a First Information Report (FIR) against him. An investigation is currently underway to address the assault.

This incident serves as a reminder that external factors, such as weather conditions, can impact flight schedules and cause delays. It also sheds light on the need for passengers to remain patient and understanding, as airline staff work diligently to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort.

Sonu Sood’s statement has garnered significant attention, with many people applauding his efforts to raise awareness about the challenges faced by airline staff. His call for mandatory self-defense training programs highlights the need for measures to ensure the safety and well-being of flight attendants in such situations.

This incident follows another recent incident involving actor Radhika Apte, who shared her experience of being stranded at Mumbai airport’s aerobridge for several hours. Apte expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of information provided by IndiGo staff regarding the delay and the measures taken to assist stranded passengers.

In conclusion, Sonu Sood’s social media post addressing the viral video of the passenger assaulting an IndiGo pilot has sparked a conversation about the importance of treating airline staff with respect and understanding. It serves as a reminder that delays and unforeseen circumstances are part of air travel, and passengers should remain patient and considerate towards the crew.

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