La Pine Woman Killed in Collision on Highway 97

La Pine Woman Dies in Tragic Highway 97 Collision

A heartbreaking accident on Friday afternoon claimed the life of a La Pine woman near the city on Highway 97, according to the Oregon State Police. The crash occurred at around 12:21 p.m. at the intersection of Highway 31 in Klamath County.

The incident involved a southbound Chevy Trail Blazer driven by an 87-year-old from Fort Rock, who was in the left turn lane. The driver attempted to make a turn onto Highway 31 but was struck by a northbound Dodge Dart driven by a 22-year-old from La Pine.

Unfortunately, the collision resulted in the death of a passenger in the Trail Blazer. The victim was identified as 77-year-old Joanne Lee Banzer, who tragically lost her life at the scene. Both drivers sustained minor injuries.

The Oregon State Police have not indicated whether any citations were issued in connection with the crash. Additionally, they stated that road conditions do not appear to have been a factor in the collision.

Following the accident, the highway was closed for approximately 3 and a half hours to facilitate the investigation. The closure caused traffic delays in the area as authorities worked to gather evidence and clear the scene.

The details surrounding the crash are still under investigation, and the Oregon State Police will continue to gather information to determine the exact cause of the accident. It is crucial for drivers to remain cautious and attentive on the roads to prevent such tragic incidents from occurring.

Our thoughts and condolences go out to the family and friends of Joanne Lee Banzer during this difficult time. Losing a loved one in a car accident is a devastating experience, and it serves as a reminder for all of us to prioritize safety when behind the wheel.

It is essential for drivers to follow traffic laws, obey speed limits, and remain focused on the road at all times. By doing so, we can help prevent accidents and protect the lives of ourselves and others on the road.

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