Customs Inspector and Two Others Arrested in Karachi Kidnapping Case

KARACHI: Three kidnappers, including an on-duty customs inspector, have been apprehended in a joint operation by the Anti-Violent Crime Cell (AVCC), Citizen Police Liaison Committee (CPLC), and a federal intelligence agency. The operation took place on Sunday and resulted in the rescue of an abducted youth.

The kidnappers had demanded a ransom of $50,000 in cryptocurrency from the family of the abducted youth. To put pressure on the family, they tortured the abductee and sent a video of the torture on WhatsApp. Fortunately, the authorities intervened and were able to rescue the victim before any harm could be done.

During the raid, the vehicle used in the abduction, the abducted youth’s mobile phone, wallets, various cards, and weapons were recovered. This successful operation not only resulted in the rescue of the abducted youth but also prevented the kidnappers from carrying out their plans to abduct two more citizens.

The investigation revealed that the accused had kidnapped a citizen named Muhammad Wajahat Nadeem on December 3 within the jurisdiction of Brigade police station. The vehicle used in the abduction had an official number plate, which adds to the audacity of the crime.

The abductors had taken Nadeem to an unknown location and demanded a ransom for his release. They threatened to harm him if the ransom was not paid. The case was initially registered at Brigade police station and later transferred to the AVCC for further investigation.

Thanks to the swift action taken by the secret agencies and police, the abducted youth was released on December 5. However, the authorities are still working to apprehend the remaining suspects involved in the kidnapping.

One of the arrested suspects is Abdul Fateh, an on-duty customs inspector, who works in the Collectorate and Customs Khuzdar. Another suspect, Zubair, was preparing for a competitive examination and is a resident of Sukkur. The kidnapped youth was kept in a hideout in Sukkur.

The investigation has also revealed that the kidnappers had plans to target two more citizens. Out of the six suspects involved in the kidnapping-for-ransom gang, three have been arrested so far.

Wajahat Nadeem, the abducted youth, shared his harrowing experience of being kidnapped. He was standing near his house with a friend when the abductors called and took him away. He endured physical and electrical torture, with the abductors pressuring him to withdraw the case.

The authorities are continuing their efforts to ensure the remaining suspects are brought to justice and that such heinous crimes are prevented in the future.

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