Man Hacks Friend To Death With Koyta Over Affair Suspicion, Arrested

Man Arrested for Brutally Hacking Friend to Death with Koyta Over Suspected Affair

Satara: A shocking incident unfolded in Jujewadi near the Krishna Cooperative Sugar Factory in Karad taluka, where a man was arrested for allegedly hacking his friend to death with a billhook, known as a koyta. The accused, identified as Akshay Vishnu Shinde, is suspected of brutally murdering Namdev Prahlad Shinge due to suspicions of an affair between the deceased and his girlfriend.

According to officials, the gruesome attack took place around midnight on January 18, when Akshay allegedly attacked Namdev with a sugarcane-cutting koyta, resulting in his tragic death. The police investigation revealed that Akshay executed the crime out of jealousy and suspicion regarding his girlfriend’s involvement with Namdev.

Namdev, a 30-year-old resident of Narsinghpur, Walwa, fell victim to this brutal act. Following the incident, the Chinchani-Vangi police in Karad initiated an investigation, ultimately leading to the arrest of Akshay Shinde on Saturday night. The case is being further probed by a team led by Assistant Inspector Anil Jadhav, under the guidance of Kadegaon Sub Divisional Police Officer Padma Kadam.

This distressing incident comes shortly after another tragic case in Pune’s Warje area, where a man brutally murdered his wife by smashing her head with an axe. The victim, identified as Uma alias Papuja Lakhan Kamble, was attacked by her husband, Lakhan Kamble, who has since been apprehended by the police.

Uma and Lakhan, originally from Kalamb taluka in Dharashiv district, had migrated to Pune for work and were earning a living through odd jobs. The unemployed Lakhan grew increasingly suspicious of Uma’s character, leading to frequent disputes between the couple.

On the fateful morning, an argument escalated between the couple, and in a fit of rage, Lakhan grabbed an axe and inflicted fatal injuries on Uma. The locals promptly alerted the police, who swiftly arrested the accused. Uma’s lifeless body was sent to Sassoon Hospital for a post-mortem examination, and the police are in the process of filing a case in this tragic matter.

These incidents shed light on the alarming rise in cases involving violent crimes committed due to jealousy and suspicion. It is a stark reminder of the importance of resolving conflicts through peaceful means and seeking help from appropriate authorities.

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