Tragic Shooting in Tinley Park: Man Fatally Shoots Wife and Three Daughters

Man Fatally Shoots Wife and Three Daughters in Tragic Incident in Tinley Park

In a heartbreaking turn of events, a man in Tinley Park has been arrested for fatally shooting his wife and three daughters. The incident occurred on Sunday, January 21, 2024, according to ABC News. The victims have been identified as Majeda Kassem, 53, Halema Kassem, 25, Hanan Kassem, 24, and Zahia Kassem, 25.

Law enforcement officials from Tinley Park are expected to release more information about the investigation, including the suspect’s name, at a press conference on Monday, as reported by CBS.

The shooting took place at a home in the 7400 block of West 173rd Street in Tinley Park. Shortly after 11:20 am on Sunday, the police received a distress call from a man at the scene, reporting that someone had been shot inside the residence. When officers arrived, they discovered the bodies of four women who had suffered fatal gunshot wounds.

The suspect, who is believed to be the husband of Majeda Kassem, was found unharmed inside the home and was taken into custody by the police. The authorities have confirmed that the incident was isolated to this particular home and there is no ongoing threat to the general public in the area, according to Village Manager Pat Carr.

As the investigation continues, details about the suspect’s motive and the events leading up to the shooting remain unclear. However, a neighbor, Charlotte Vaitkus, whose daughter knew the family, expressed shock at the incident. Vaitkus revealed that her daughter had worked with the two twin sisters, Halema and Zahia Kassem, and had always spoken highly of their intelligence and aspirations to become pharmacists and doctors. Vaitkus was unaware of any problems within the family.

Charges against the suspect are pending as the police delve deeper into the circumstances surrounding this tragic incident.

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