Four Dead in Mansarovar Park Fire: Owner Bharat Singh and Manager Mohit Chauhan Arrested

Fire Incident in Shahdara’s Mansarovar Park: Two Arrested for Four Deaths

In a tragic incident, a four-storey building in Shahdara’s Mansarovar Park caught fire, resulting in four deaths. The authorities have taken immediate action, arresting the building owner, Bharat Singh, aged 72, and his grandson and building manager, Mohit Chauhan, aged 27.

The incident took place on Friday at around 5:22 p.m. A case has been registered at the M.S. Park police station under IPC Sections 304 (culpable homicide not amounting to murder) and 285 (negligence). The deceased have been identified as Gauri, aged 40, and her 17-year-old son Pratham, as well as Rachna, aged 28, and her seven-month-old daughter, Ruhi. It is believed that all four died due to suffocation caused by the fire.

Preliminary investigations suggest that the fire originated on the ground floor, which was being used as a storage space for plastic materials, including mops. Authorities suspect that a lit cigarette was thrown into the godown, igniting the fire.

Yogesh, Gauri’s brother-in-law, expressed his hope for a thorough investigation, stating, “Smoke spread through the building so quickly that my sister and her son couldn’t even manage to get out in time to seek help. They lost consciousness on the stairs.” Gauri lived on the third floor, while her husband, Ashutosh, was at work during the incident.

Rachna and her family had been residing on the second floor of the building for the past two years. Her husband, Vinod, shared his distress, saying, “I had just returned from work when I saw smoke billowing out of the building. When I enquired with the firemen, I was told there was a fire in the building and that both my wife and daughter had been admitted to a hospital.”

Tragically, Vinod discovered upon reaching the hospital that his wife and daughter had already passed away. He expressed his devastation, stating, “I lost everything I had and could have.”

A Delhi Fire Service official highlighted the poor safety measures in the building, mentioning the lack of ventilation and the presence of only one staircase. These factors contributed to the fast-spreading smoke and the difficulty faced by the victims in escaping the fire.

The investigation into this devastating fire incident is currently ongoing. The authorities are determined to uncover the truth and ensure that justice is served for the lives lost in this tragic event.

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