Four Men Arrested for Cyber Fraud Through Social Media Application in Delhi and UP

Four Men Arrested for Cyber Fraud through Social Media Application in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh

In a recent development, four men have been apprehended by the police for allegedly committing cyber fraud through a social media application in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh (UP). The accused individuals have been identified as Harish Kumar, Vipul Sharma, Shiv Pratap, and Om Prakash, alias Monu.

According to the Delhi police, a money trail of Rs 60 lakh and four mobile phones have been uncovered in connection with the fraud. The investigation was initiated following a complaint filed by Ashish Kumar Tomer, a resident of west Delhi, on August 13, 2023. Tomer alleged that on August 9, 2023, he was approached by a fraudster claiming to be Anitai from Career Builder Ltd., India.

The fraudster offered Tomer an opportunity to earn money by rating restaurants on Google. Intrigued by the offer, Tomer accepted it. Subsequently, he was added to a Telegram group where he was assigned tasks to rate restaurants on Google Maps. Upon completing the tasks, Tomer received payment and was then asked to invest Rs 1,000 to receive Rs 1,300.

An account was created for Tomer in the name of the Sony Corp. platform, and he was persuaded to invest in the business. However, when Tomer requested the return of his money, the fraudsters informed him that he would need to make further investments before he could withdraw any funds. Feeling trapped, Tomer transferred Rs 23,260 for what he believed would yield good returns.

During the investigation, the police obtained details of the beneficiary accounts and discovered that the cheated amount had been credited to ICICI Bank, belonging to Harish. Further interrogation led to the arrest of Vipul, who revealed that he had joined several Telegram groups to provide bank accounts to fraudsters. Vipul also disclosed his connection with Om Prakash, an active member of Telegram groups involved in the sale and purchase of bank accounts.

Om Prakash, in turn, informed the police that he came into contact with two individuals named Vipul Sharma and Amit. The police suspect Amit to be part of a larger syndicate that provides fraud accounts and has ties with Chinese nationals operating the Telegram fraud syndicate from abroad.

This recent arrest highlights the increasing prevalence of cyber fraud and the need for individuals to exercise caution when engaging in online activities. Authorities are urging citizens to be vigilant and report any suspicious activities to the police to curb such fraudulent practices.

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