Illegal Veterinary Clinic Investigation: Three Detained in Miami-Dade County

Miami-Dade County

Unauthorized Veterinary Clinic Busted in Miami-Dade County

Authorities in Miami-Dade County, Florida are investigating an illegal veterinary clinic that was recently uncovered based on an anonymous tip. Three individuals have been detained in connection with the operation, which was allegedly being conducted without the necessary licenses.

A reporter from Local 10 News arrived at the scene and noticed a paper sign in Spanish on the front door of the house, reading “veterinarian in rear,” with an arrow pointing to the back. Several people were seen on the sidewalk, bringing their pets to the home located near the 11000 block of southwest 185th Terrace, before the police arrived.

The Miami-Dade Police Department’s economic crimes unit and medical crimes unit acted on a tip received last year about an illegal vet clinic operating at the residence. Following the issuance of a search warrant, officers found vehicles parked outside the house, with animals and patients waiting to be seen.

The homeowner, Arsenio Rodriguez, has been identified as a licensed veterinarian. However, two other individuals detained at the scene were found to be unlicensed “staff” members.

During the search, authorities discovered bottles of prescribed medication that were obtained using the license of a legitimate vet professional but were being administered by unlicensed individuals. If convicted, the veterinarian may have to surrender his license.

Investigators revealed that the homeowner, who owns the veterinary license, does not appear to be directly involved in the day-to-day operation of the clinic. Clients reportedly learned about the clinic through word of mouth and were informed that it conducted cash-only business.

The tip that led to the investigation came from a client who became suspicious after their animal developed an infection following a procedure performed at the illegal clinic. The severity of the infection necessitated the animal’s tail to be amputated by a reputable veterinarian.

Further details about the duration of the clinic’s operation and whether any animals were being kept at the residence remain unclear. Law enforcement agencies, including Miami-Dade Animal Services and the Department of Business and Professional Resources, were present at the scene.

If convicted, those involved in the illegal veterinary clinic could face charges related to operating without a license and possible animal cruelty charges, specifically in relation to the case of the infected dog.

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