Kansas City Chiefs Fan Alex Weamer-Lee Identified as Fifth Person at Home Where Three Fans Were Found Dead

Tragedy Strikes as Fifth Person Found at Kansas City Home Where Three Chiefs Fans perished

In a shocking turn of events, the identity of the fifth person present at the Kansas City home where three Chiefs fans were found dead has been revealed. The Daily Mail reported that Alex Weamer-Lee, a longtime friend of the victims, was identified as the fifth man. This revelation has added another layer of complexity to the already puzzling case.

The victims, David Harrington, Ricky Johnson, and Clayton McGeeney, were discovered lifeless on January 9, just two days after they gathered at their friend Jordan Willis’ house to watch the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Los Angeles Chargers in the regular season finale. Willis, who claims that all three men froze to death at his house, has not been charged with any crimes and is reportedly cooperating with the police.

However, the families of the victims find it difficult to believe this narrative and are desperately searching for answers. Willis’ lawyer stated that his client went to bed while the men remained in the house, assuming they had left after the game ended. This explanation, however, has not satisfied the families, who are determined to uncover the truth.

Weamer-Lee, whose identity was previously undisclosed, has disputed the timeline of events. He insists that the three victims and Willis were still awake and alive in the house when he left. Weamer-Lee’s lawyer, Andrew Tagle, confirmed his client’s statement and revealed that Weamer-Lee departed the house around midnight on January 8, while the other four men, including Willis, stayed behind to watch Jeopardy.

Intriguingly, Weamer-Lee has a history of run-ins with the law. He faced drug-related charges in 2005, pleading guilty to two charges of unlawful use of drug paraphernalia and one count of possessing up to 35 grams of marijuana. Records also show that he was involved in another drug-related arrest in Colorado in 2012, where he pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges.

As investigators continue to piece together the events leading up to the tragic deaths, the community mourns the loss of these three Chiefs fans and anxiously awaits the resolution of this perplexing case.

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