Seattle man arrested for stalking and harassing Taylor Swift outside her Manhattan home

Seattle Man Arrested for Stalking and Harassing Taylor Swift

A Seattle man has been arrested multiple times for stalking and harassing pop star Taylor Swift outside her home in Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood. The suspect, identified as David Crowe, 33, was ordered to be held without bail after his recent arrest.

According to the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, Crowe has been charged with second-degree criminal contempt, a misdemeanor. As part of his arraignment, he has also been ordered to undergo a psychiatric examination.

Prosecutors revealed that Crowe violated a protective order issued on Wednesday, which required him to stay away from Swift and her residence and refrain from any form of communication with her.

The first arrest occurred on Wednesday when law enforcement responded to complaints about an emotionally disturbed man behaving erratically near Swift’s townhouse. After being arraigned and issued the protective order, Crowe was arrested again in close proximity to Swift’s residence.

Court documents indicate that a security worker observed Crowe near the singer’s home approximately 30 times since November 25. Despite being warned about 10 times to stay away or leave the area, Crowe continued to approach the building.

The New York County Defender Services, representing Crowe, declined to comment on the matter. In an email statement, spokesperson Lupe Todd-Medina stated, “We have no additional statement at this time and rely on the statements made in court today.”

It is worth noting that Swift’s Manhattan townhouse has been targeted by several break-ins in the past, even when the singer was not present. Some of these incidents involved individuals identified as stalkers.

The arrest of David Crowe has brought attention to the ongoing issue of celebrity stalking and harassment. With Swift being a high-profile figure, security measures and protective orders are crucial in ensuring her safety and peace of mind.

The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of enforcing legal boundaries and protecting individuals from the invasive actions of others. The legal system will continue to address cases like these to prevent further harm and maintain the well-being of public figures like Taylor Swift.

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