Chicago Police Issue Community Alert for Deering Neighborhood Residential Burglaries

Residents in Chicago’s 9th District are being urged to remain vigilant following a series of residential burglaries that have left the Deering neighborhood on edge. The Chicago Police Department issued a community alert, stating that multiple homes have been targeted by unknown individuals, believed to be male, white, or Hispanic, who break in and steal personal property.

The burglaries, which began on January 12, 2024, have been linked to a suspect or suspects operating out of a silver Toyota Tundra. The police alert highlights specific locations where incidents have occurred, including the 3300 Block of South Damen Avenue and the 1800 Block of West 34th Street. Unfortunately, the offenders have managed to evade capture, leaving residents feeling violated and their possessions stolen.

In response to these events, the Chicago Police Department is advising residents to enhance their home security measures. This includes improving lighting around properties and ensuring that doors and windows are secure. Residents with video surveillance are also encouraged to save any footage of suspicious activity and provide it to the authorities. The alert emphasizes the importance of not touching anything if you are a victim and immediately calling the police, as preserving the crime scene is crucial for investigators.

The recent increase in home break-ins has prompted the police to seek the public’s assistance in apprehending the culprits. The affected locations have been identified as specific blocks, such as the 3500 Block of South Hoyne Avenue and the 3200 Block of South Leavitt Avenue, where incidents occurred on January 22 and 24 respectively. To prevent future incidents, the police also recommend immediate repairs for any home security breaches and reinforcing window air condition units to make them less accessible to potential burglars.

Community members are urged not only to secure their homes but also to remain observant and report any suspicious behavior to law enforcement. The community alert emphasizes the importance of reporting such activity immediately as a crucial step in combating this troubling trend of unauthorized home entries.

The Deering neighborhood, where these burglaries have occurred, is a residential area located in Chicago’s 9th District. It is known for its diverse community and family-oriented atmosphere. The recent surge in residential burglaries has shaken the neighborhood’s sense of security, prompting residents to take extra precautions to protect their homes and belongings.

By remaining vigilant and working together with law enforcement, residents hope to bring an end to these incidents and restore peace of mind to their community.

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