Fatal Shooting in Fairhill Raises Questions About Death of Alexander Spencer and Wounding of Police Officer

Fatal shooting in Fairhill Raises Questions About Police Conduct and Circumstances Surrounding the Incident

A video posted on Instagram over the weekend has sparked controversy and raised questions about the fatal shooting of Alexander Spencer, 28, by police inside a narrow neighborhood store in Fairhill, Philadelphia. The video shows two police officers leaning over Spencer, both with guns drawn, as two shots are heard. One officer is then seen limping and calling for assistance, while the other puts his knee on Spencer’s head. Spencer is face down on the floor with his hands behind his back, while the second officer keeps his gun drawn.

The Philadelphia Police Department has acknowledged the video and stated that it will be part of their investigation. They are currently trying to determine how one of the officers was wounded in the leg and whether the bullet could have come from his partner’s gun. Initially, Police Commissioner Kevin Bethel had stated that Spencer had fired a gun and wounded the officer, but the department is now running ballistics tests to confirm these claims.

In addition to the shooting itself, police are also investigating another individual seen in the video who is believed to have taken Spencer’s gun from the scene. An arrest warrant has been issued for this person, identified as Jose QuiƱones-Mendez, on charges of theft, obstruction of justice, and tampering with evidence.

The video has attracted significant attention on social media, with many expressing outrage over the incident. Mayor Cherelle L. Parker has promised a full investigation into the case and has expressed her support for the police. Meanwhile, a vigil for Spencer was held across the street from the deli-style establishment where the shooting took place, with friends and acquaintances leaving balloons, candles, and small shots in his memory.

This incident highlights the ongoing concerns and controversies surrounding police conduct and the use of force. The investigation will hopefully provide more clarity on the circumstances surrounding Spencer’s death and the actions of the police officers involved.

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