Italian Catholic Church Attack in Istanbul: One Killed, Arrest Made

Masked attackers targeted an Italian Catholic church in Istanbul during Sunday mass, resulting in the death of one person, according to Turkish Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya. The incident took place at St. Mary’s Church in the Sariyer neighborhood of Istanbul. One of the assailants, a 52-year-old man identified as CT, was apprehended by authorities.

The attack occurred at approximately 11:40 local time and an investigation has been launched, as confirmed by the Interior Minister through social media. Images captured at the scene show police officers and an ambulance outside the church gate. The victim, identified only as CT, was specifically targeted during the mass. Omer Celik, spokesman for the ruling AKP party, expressed condemnation for the attack and assured that a thorough investigation is underway. Celik also emphasized that those who threaten the peace and security of citizens will not succeed in their goals.

Following the incident, Pope Francis expressed solidarity with the community of Santa Maria Church, expressing his support for those affected by the attack. Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani also conveyed his condolences in a social media post.

According to initial reports, the two attackers entered the church and fired shots into the air. A 52-year-old Turkish citizen ran towards them, shouting, and was subsequently shot and killed. This individual was known to seek refuge in the church due to economic difficulties.

The motive behind the attack has not yet been disclosed. However, in December, Turkish security forces arrested 32 suspects believed to be members of the jihadist group Islamic State (ISIS), who were allegedly planning attacks on synagogues, churches, and the Iraqi embassy. Turkey has been actively pursuing operations against ISIS members who have claimed responsibility for various deadly attacks within the country.

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