Tennessee High School Students Crack Decades-Old ‘Redhead Murders’ Cold Case

High School Students Crack Decades-Old Cold Case of the “Redhead Murders”

A group of high school students from Tennessee has managed to crack an infamous cold case that had stumped law enforcement agencies for decades. Known as the “Redhead Murders,” this series of killings occurred in the 1980s and involved the dumping of bodies of young, white women with red or reddish hair along highways in Tennessee, Kentucky, and neighboring states.

The peculiar details of these murders sparked fear among the public and led to the formation of a multi-state law enforcement task force in 1985. However, despite their efforts, the investigation hit a dead end and the case seemed hopeless.

That is until 2018 when 20 students from Elizabethton High School took on the challenge as part of a class project. They connected at least six of the victims to a man they dubbed the “Bible Belt Strangler.” The students compiled a profile of the killer and identified one of the victims as Tina McKenney-Farmer.

Their identification of McKenney-Farmer as one of the victims breathed new life into the investigation. Detectives from the Tennessee Bureau of

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