Marc A. Brown : Delmar Man Arrested: High-Speed Police Chase Ends in Capture

Delmar Man Arrested After High-Speed Chase in Sussex County

Bethany Beach, Delaware – A Delmar man is now facing multiple charges from various police agencies following a days-long investigation that stretched across Sussex County. The incident culminated in a high-speed chase, leaving many residents shocked and concerned.

The events unfolded on February 6th when South Bethany Beach Police attempted to conduct a routine traffic stop. The driver, later identified as 25-year-old Marc A. Brown of Delmar, Del., chose to flee instead. In the process, Brown caused significant damage to town property by driving through a median strip north of State Route 26.

The following day, on February 7th, a vehicle matching the description of the one involved in the previous incidents once again fled from South Bethany Police during a traffic stop. This time, the driver recklessly entered Bethany Beach, causing further damage to town property. Despite several attempts throughout the day, authorities were unable to locate the vehicle.

As the investigation progressed, police discovered that the vehicle had been sold a week prior in Harrington to an unknown male via Cash App. Investigators were able to obtain Ring doorbell footage of the suspect on the day of the vehicle purchase, providing crucial evidence for their case.

Finally, on February 12th, a Bethany Beach Police sergeant spotted the vehicle while patrolling local developments. The vehicle had been concealed in dense shrubbery on Hudson Avenue. The sergeant observed a person matching the description from the Ring doorbell footage working on construction in a nearby residence.

Without wasting any time, the suspect quickly entered the vehicle and fled westbound on State Route 26 at speeds exceeding 100 miles per hour. Ocean View Police joined the pursuit and chased the vehicle until it was eventually stopped by a tire deflation device deployed by the Dagsboro Police Department.

Brown was apprehended by Delaware State Police troopers and Ocean View Police officers in the area of Dagsboro Road and Route 113, just south of Millsboro. It was discovered that he had eight felony warrants out of Sussex County Superior Court, as well as one warrant from the Department of Corrections.

Residents of Bethany Beach and the surrounding areas can now breathe a sigh of relief knowing that the suspect is in custody. The collaboration between multiple police agencies played a crucial role in ensuring the safety of the community.

This incident serves as a reminder of the dedication and commitment of law enforcement officers who work tirelessly to protect and serve their communities. The investigation is ongoing, and anyone with additional information is urged to contact the authorities.

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