Jonathan Minter : “Chicago Man Arrested for Mail and Identity Thefts”

Man Arrested for Stealing Mail and Identity in Chicago

Chicago resident Jonathan Minter, 37, has been taken into custody after being accused of multiple instances of mail theft and identity theft throughout the city. U.S. postal inspectors were able to identify Minter through surveillance footage, which showed him using what appeared to be a postal master key to access a set of mailboxes in a building.

Residents in the affected areas are relieved to hear that Minter is now behind bars. William Debes, a resident whose apartment building was targeted by Minter, expressed his satisfaction with the arrest. He recalled how his neighbors had approached him and his family, asking if they had any information about the stolen mail. Debes emphasized that he and his family would never engage in such criminal activities.

The thefts occurred between 2022 and 2024, with several apartment and condo buildings falling victim to Minter’s crimes. Locations such as the 5700 block of North Winthrop Avenue in Edgewater and the 3800 block of North Fremont Street in Lakeview were among the targeted areas.

Debes noted that both packages and letters were taken by Minter. He mentioned seeing Amazon Prime boxes and physical mail missing from the mailboxes. These thefts caused significant inconvenience and distress to the affected residents.

Thanks to a joint investigation by the U.S. Postal Inspection Service and the Chicago Police, Minter was apprehended earlier this week. Prior to his arrest, there were already three outstanding warrants for his non-appearance in court.

Law enforcement officials have revealed that Minter is responsible for not only burglaries and mail theft but also identity theft and fraudulent account activities. Most of his victims were senior citizens, making the crimes even more troubling. Currently, Minter faces 12 felony cases that are being heard by three different judges.

If convicted on multiple charges, Minter could face consecutive sentencing for each case. CBS 2 Legal Analyst Irv Miller explained the potential consequences, stating that with 12 cases pending, Minter could be looking at a substantial amount of time behind bars. Each felony charge carries a sentence of three to seven years.

The arrest of Jonathan Minter brings a sense of relief to the community, especially to those who were directly impacted by his crimes. The joint efforts of law enforcement agencies have ensured that Minter will face the consequences of his actions and, hopefully, put an end to his reign of theft and deception.

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