Pradeep Mali : “100ft Tunnel Heist: IOC Pipeline Oil Theft in Jodhpur, ET Infra”

Jodhpur Police Discovers 100-Foot Tunnel Used for Crude Oil Theft

In a surprising turn of events, the police in Jodhpur have uncovered a 100-foot tunnel that was being used to steal crude oil from the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) pipeline. The investigation has been handed over to the special operations group of the police.

According to the authorities, a half-inch pipe was connected to the pipeline and laid through the tunnel to a nearby petrol pump. The theft was discovered during a routine survey by IOC officials near Raipur on the Pali-Jaipur highway. The officials stumbled upon the tunnel after digging a pit at a faulty location.

Excavation was temporarily halted on Monday due to the late hour, but when it resumed on Tuesday morning, it led to a valve connected to the tank of the petrol pump. The officials immediately informed the police and lodged a report.

The manager of the petrol pump, Pradeep Mali, has been arrested in connection with the theft, while the search for the pump’s owner is still ongoing. An IOC official revealed that the valve was mounted on the main pipeline, and a 4-feet wide and 100-feet long tunnel had been dug 10 feet below the ground to connect it to the petrol pump’s tank.

The police suspect that the accused rented the pump to steal and sell crude oil from the IOC pipeline. They also believe that the thieves were stealing oil from the pipeline and supplying it in tankers.

The incident took place at a petrol pump belonging to the Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL), located just 100 meters before the police station. The pump had been closed for many years before it was allocated to Rajendra Jain from Barmer three months ago. Jain then rented it out to Akash Jain and Sohanlal Vishnoi.

The authorities have not yet revealed the duration of the oil theft or the amount of crude that has been stolen so far.

The discovery of this elaborate tunnel has left authorities shocked and raises concerns about the security of oil pipelines in the region. The investigation is ongoing, and stricter measures may be implemented to prevent such incidents in the future.

Published on Feb 15, 2024 at 01:42 PM IST.

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