Anand Henry : “Malayali Techie Suspect in US Family Murder-Suicide | Kerala News”

Anand Henry, a native of Kollam in Kerala, is now the primary suspect in a tragic murder-suicide case involving his wife Alice Benziger and their twin children in San Mateo, California. The San Mateo Police, who are leading the investigation, have officially confirmed the incident as a case of murder-suicide.

According to the authorities, both Henry and Benziger died from gunshot wounds. Benziger sustained multiple gunshot wounds, while Henry suffered from a single shot. However, the cause of death for the twin boys is still pending pathology. The police have stated that there were no signs of bodily trauma or gunfire-related injuries on the children’s bodies.

During the investigation, the police discovered a legally registered 9mm handgun belonging to Henry on the bathroom floor where the couple’s bodies were found. They have also dismissed any reports of prior domestic violence incidents, stating that there is no recorded history of violence within the household or outside in relation to the crime.

The police were alerted to the situation by concerned relatives, prompting them to dispatch a team to the scene. The murder-suicide took place on the afternoon of February 12. The motive for this tragic incident is still under investigation, with the authorities continuing their efforts to uncover the reasons behind it.

In addition to the San Mateo Police Department, the San Mateo County Crime Lab and the San Mateo County Coroner’s Office are actively involved in the ongoing investigation.

Anand Henry comes from a notable background, as he is the son of Henry George, the former principal of Kollam Fathima Mata National College. Alice, his wife, also hails from Kollam. It is worth mentioning that Alice’s mother, Juliet, was staying with the family and had returned to Kerala just one day before this horrific crime took place.

As the investigation progresses, the police aim to shed light on the motive behind this heart-wrenching incident. Their focus remains on gathering all the necessary evidence and conducting thorough examinations.

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