Nor Khalifah Mohd Wazir : Firemen Rescue Woman from Blaze in Pontian: Heroic Act Saves Trapped Resident

In a heart-stopping incident that took place in Taman Pontian Utama, a 38-year-old woman named Nor Khalifah Mohd Wazir narrowly escaped a fiery fate, thanks to the quick actions of brave firemen. The woman found herself trapped in her flat unit as flames engulfed the building in the early hours of the morning.

**The Rescue Mission**

When the Pontian Baru fire and rescue station received the distress call at 12.53am, they wasted no time in responding. Assistant Fire Superintendent Mahadir Mamat recounted how the firemen rushed to the scene and found Nor Khalifah trapped between the first floor and ground floor of the burning four-storey flats. With the fire blocking her path to the exit stairwell, the situation looked dire.

**A Narrow Escape**

Despite the intense heat and smoke, the firemen managed to locate Nor Khalifah and devise a daring plan to rescue her. By removing the flat’s first-floor back windows as an emergency exit, they were able to guide her to safety. Meanwhile, five other individuals, including three migrant workers from Nepal, were able to escape the blaze on their own from the fourth floor.

**The Aftermath**

Sadly, the fire destroyed four motorcycles belonging to the residents, adding to the devastation caused by the flames. The entire operation lasted until 2.54am, with the firefighters successfully extinguishing the fire and preventing further damage. Initial investigations pointed to the Tenaga Nasional Berhad electricity meter room on the ground floor as the origin of the fire, but further inquiries are ongoing to determine the exact cause and extent of the damage.

**A Narrow Escape and a Heroic Rescue**

Thanks to the bravery and quick thinking of the firemen, Nor Khalifah and the other residents managed to escape the flames that threatened their lives. The incident serves as a reminder of the courage and dedication shown by our emergency services in the face of danger.

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