Ranses Vacramontes Vargas : “Raleigh Police Report: Officer-Involved Shooting Update”

**Officer-Involved shooting Incident on Rock Quarry Road in Raleigh**

In a recent incident that took place on Rock Quarry Road in Raleigh, North Carolina, Raleigh police officers were involved in a shooting. The preliminary report of the incident was released, shedding light on the events that unfolded that night.

**Police Response to Shots Fired**

It all started with a 911 call reporting shots fired in the vicinity of Vardaman Street and Hightower Street, near Rock Quarry Road. Officers M.L. Berg and B.W. Keaton responded to the call and began patrolling the area. However, no evidence of a shooting was found on Vardaman or Hightower streets. Officer Berg then proceeded to the 800 block of Rock Quarry Road to continue checking the area.

**The Shooting Incident**

At around 10:50 p.m., while Officer Berg was conducting an investigative detention of an individual in a parking lot on Rock Quarry Road, multiple shots were heard from the opposite end of the parking lot. Officer Berg quickly sprung into action, notifying his colleagues of the shots fired and drawing his firearm.

**Confrontation with the Suspect**

As Officer Berg approached the area where the shots were fired, he encountered a man wearing dark clothing and holding what appeared to be a firearm. Despite repeated commands to drop the gun and surrender, the man, later identified as Ranses Vacramontes Vargas, did not comply. Vargas continued to walk away towards a red pickup truck, all while armed.

**The Shooting Incident Unfolds**

Officer Berg continued to approach Vargas, who then ran behind the red pickup truck, positioning himself behind it while still armed. Despite Officer Berg’s commands, Vargas did not back down. In the ensuing confrontation, Officer Berg fired his weapon, injuring both Vargas and an occupant inside the truck.

**Aftermath and Investigation**

Following the shooting, Officer Berg secured Vargas and called for emergency medical services. It was later revealed that Vargas had also shot two other individuals, Mirna Alvarez Robles and Esther Ramirez Torres, before Officer Berg intervened. The State Bureau of Investigation is conducting a criminal investigation into the incident.


The incident on Rock Quarry Road in Raleigh has left a community in shock. The details of what transpired that night are still under investigation, and the aftermath of the shooting continues to unfold.

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