40-year-old woman : 1 Injured in Rollover Near Pueblo West: What Happened?

**Driver Hospitalized After Being Thrown From Vehicle in Pueblo crash**

In a frightening turn of events, a driver in Pueblo, Colorado, found herself hospitalized after being thrown from her vehicle during a crash on Monday morning.

**Details of the Crash**

The incident occurred on Highway 50 as the driver was heading westbound towards McCulloch Boulevard. Unfortunately, she lost control of her pickup truck, causing it to flip over and ejecting her from the cab.

**Emergency Response**

Colorado State Patrol quickly responded to the scene, initially calling for a medical helicopter. However, the helicopter was eventually called off, and the driver was instead transported by ambulance to Colorado Springs for medical treatment. At this time, her condition remains unknown, and she has only been identified as a 40-year-old woman.

**Road Closure**

As a result of the crash, westbound Highway 50 was shut down between McCulloch and Purcell Boulevard as of 9:01 a.m. Troopers are still investigating the cause of the accident to determine what led to the driver losing control of her vehicle.

**Continuing Investigation**

The Colorado State Patrol is working diligently to piece together the events that unfolded during the crash. Understanding what caused the driver to lose control will be crucial in preventing similar accidents in the future.

**Stay Informed**

As more information becomes available, stay updated on the latest developments in this ongoing investigation. Our thoughts are with the driver as she recovers from this harrowing experience.

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