Dmytro Lykhoviy : Ukraine Accuses Russia of Executing Prisoners in Avdiivka: Shocking Revelations and Human Rights Violations

Ukrainian authorities have launched an investigation into the alleged shootings of unarmed Ukrainian soldiers by Russian forces in the city of Avdiivka and a village in Donetsk Oblast. The prosecutor’s office in Donetsk region announced the probe, stating that six prisoners were reportedly executed in Avdiivka, with two seriously injured awaiting evacuation.

According to Ukrainian military spokesperson Dmytro Lykhoviy, there is still uncertainty surrounding the killings at Avdiivka as the investigation is ongoing. However, he noted that this would not be the first time Russia has been accused of committing war crimes.

Russian troops have faced allegations of war crimes in occupied territories since the conflict began in February 2022. Reports from Bucha earlier in the war revealed disturbing evidence of massacres after Russian forces withdrew from the city in April 2022.

The Donetsk prosecutor’s office highlighted a video fragment showing a Russian soldier shooting two captured Ukrainian soldiers at close range in Vesele. The office described the act as a deliberate killing of prisoners by the occupier.

Following the takeover of Avdiivka, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy signed billion-euro bilateral security agreements with Germany and France. The agreements aim to support Ukraine over the next 10 years as the conflict with Russia approaches its two-year mark.

In response to Russia’s actions, US President Joe Biden assured President Zelenskyy of an imminent $60 billion military aid package. This support comes as Ukraine faces challenges in the aftermath of the Avdiivka conflict.

As the investigation into the shootings continues, the international community remains vigilant in condemning acts of violence and advocating for justice for the victims. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing conflict in the region and the need for a peaceful resolution.

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