Swapna Sahu : Woman Injured in Odisha Poaching Incident

In a shocking incident in Bodigoba village, located under the jurisdiction of Bhanjanagar police limits in Ganjam district, a 31-year-old woman named Swapna Sahu was shot in the stomach while collecting sal leaves in a nearby forest on Saturday evening.

The victim, Swapna, was accompanied by her mother when the tragedy occurred. Suspected poachers in the area fired a bullet, hitting Swapna. Her mother acted quickly and rushed to her aid, bringing her back home. Unfortunately, they were unable to get an ambulance immediately, so Swapna had to endure the night in pain. It was only on Sunday morning that the villagers were able to arrange for an ambulance to take Swapna to Bhanjanagar Hospital, where she is currently in stable condition.

Swapna’s mother revealed that their livelihood depends on the forest produce they gather and sell. While some sources claim the shooting was accidental, others suggest it may have happened while poachers were handling a country-made gun. The police have launched an investigation into the matter to uncover the truth behind the incident.

The community in Bodigoba village is shaken by this unfortunate event, with many expressing concern over the safety of those who rely on the forest for their livelihood. Residents are hopeful that the authorities will take necessary measures to prevent such incidents in the future and ensure the safety of everyone in the area.

As Swapna continues her recovery at the hospital, the village remains on edge, awaiting updates on the investigation and hoping for justice to be served. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers faced by those who depend on the forest for their livelihood in rural areas.

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