Trey Filter : “Kansas City Shooting Update: Teens Charged, Children Released”

A witness shared his harrowing experience of tackling a man at the Kansas City Chiefs rally, where a shooting took place during the Super Bowl victory parade. The witness, Trey Filter, described the chaotic scene where he and another individual, Mr. Contreras, subdued the suspect until police arrived. Filter recounted the adrenaline-filled moment when he heard gunshots and saw the crowd panicking. He acted on instinct and, with the help of others, managed to restrain the armed individual.

The shooting resulted in 22 people sustaining gunshot injuries, with more than half of the victims being under the age of 16. Among the injured was a local DJ and mother-of-two, Elizabeth Lopez-Galvan, who tragically lost her life. A fundraiser on GoFundMe was set up for her family, and donations poured in, including a generous contribution from Taylor Swift.

Children’s Mercy Hospital provided updates on the shooting victims, announcing that all 12 patients treated at their facility had been discharged. However, one patient at another hospital remained in critical condition. The community came together to support the victims and their families during this difficult time.

The incident at the Kansas City Chiefs rally highlighted the importance of safety measures at public events and the bravery of individuals like Trey Filter who stepped up in the face of danger. The community mourned the loss of Elizabeth Lopez-Galvan and rallied around her family, showing solidarity and compassion in the wake of tragedy.

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