Unidentified : “Man stabs wife in Juja, mob watches”

In a horrifying turn of events in the Mirimaini area of Juja, Kiambu County, a man allegedly chased and brutally murdered his estranged wife as a helpless mob looked on. The incident took place on a Saturday afternoon, leaving the community in shock and disbelief.

**Details of the Incident**
Eyewitnesses recounted the chilling scene where the suspect, armed with a knife and a machete, approached his estranged wife while she was visiting a neighbor. He viciously attacked her, stabbing her in the neck as she desperately tried to escape. Despite seeking refuge in a friend’s house, the woman was overpowered, and part of her throat was slit by the assailant.

**Arrest and Hospitalization**
Residents and police were able to apprehend the suspect before he could harm himself further. He was taken to the hospital for treatment, where he was found writhing in pain after stabbing himself in the stomach and chest. The deceased woman’s body was transferred to General Kago Funeral Parlour, while the murder weapons, stained with blood, were recovered from the crime scene.

**Investigation and Motive**
Kiambu police commander Michael Muchiri stated that the motive behind the brutal attack is still under investigation. It was revealed that the couple had been separated for some time, and the incident occurred following domestic disputes. The tragic incident adds to the rising number of gender-based violence cases in the area, prompting authorities to take action.

**Police Response**
The Juja police station promptly responded to the distress call and arrested the assailant. The authorities have since launched a special task force to address the surge in violent crimes, particularly those targeting women. With over 30 incidents of female murders recorded in the past two months, there is a growing concern for the safety and security of women in the community.

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