Chandrakant Jha : “Narela Trio Robs Men, Stabs One Dead | Delhi News”

**Men Commit Robbery and Stab Two Victims in Narela Industrial Area**

In a shocking incident in the Narela industrial area of New Delhi, three men committed two back-to-back robberies and stabbed two victims in the process. One of the victims tragically lost his life, while the other is currently in critical condition.

The incident took place on the evening of February 16 when the three men waylaid Chandrakant Jha (28) as he was returning from work. Jha, who had just received his salary of Rs 18,000, was attacked by the robbers who demanded the money. When he resisted, they stabbed him in the stomach.

Shortly after, another worker from the same factory, Aakash, was also targeted by the robbers. They not only robbed his mobile phone but also forcibly transferred money from his e-wallet before stabbing him as well. The police were alerted to the robberies at 9pm that night.

One suspect, identified as Manish, has been arrested and has confessed to the crimes. He revealed that financial debt was the motive behind the robberies, which he carried out with his associates Raja and Ajay.

The police have launched a search for the remaining two suspects and are scouring CCTV footage to track their escape route. They have recovered the stolen mobile phone, money, knife, and motorcycle used in the crimes.

This incident has sent shockwaves through the Narela community, prompting the police to investigate if the accused have been involved in similar crimes in the past. The authorities are leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of justice for the victims and their families.

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