David James Dorling : “Coroner Probes David Dorling’s Custody Death”

A man from Gippsland, David James Dorling, tragically passed away while in police custody. This unfortunate event has sparked an inquiry by the coroner to uncover the circumstances surrounding his death.

David Dorling was set to be sentenced for child sex abuse offences when he unexpectedly died. It was revealed that he had consumed 100 Panadol tablets, leading to multiple organ failure and ultimately his passing.

The Melbourne Coroners Court heard that Dorling had pleaded guilty to indecent acts with children and possessing child abuse material. This included producing and possessing over 1,000 child sex abuse images and 55 videos found on his computer and storage devices.

After pleading guilty, Dorling was taken to the Morwell Police Station and then transferred to the Dandenong Police Station. Shortly after his arrival in Dandenong, he complained of chest pains and admitted to taking the excessive amount of Panadol tablets.

Despite efforts to save him, Dorling’s condition deteriorated rapidly, and he was diagnosed with multiple organ failure. Tragically, he did not survive, even after the possibility of a liver transplant was discussed.

The court learned that homicide squad detectives had spoken to Dorling before his passing and would continue to investigate the matter. The coroner emphasized the importance of establishing a precise timeline of events, including Dorling’s court attendance and transportation between police stations.

Furthermore, there was a discrepancy regarding Dorling’s Indigenous heritage, as he had identified as Aboriginal to his legal representation. However, his family later clarified that no one in the family identified as Aboriginal. This aspect will also be thoroughly examined during the investigation.

The Coroners Court adjourned the inquiry to resume in May, ensuring that all aspects of Dorling’s death in custody are thoroughly examined.

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