Freddy Omar Quijano Carrillo : “Riviera Maya Van Crash: New Footage Sparks Investigation”

In a devastating turn of events that shocked the Riviera Maya community, six people lost their lives in a tragic accident on Sunday. The incident, which took place on a highway near Riviera Maya, has left many questioning the initial reports provided by authorities.

**New Evidence Emerges**

Authorities are currently reevaluating the details of the accident after new video footage surfaced on Monday. The footage, captured by a security camera inside the company transport van involved in the crash, shows the driver parked and eating moments before the collision. This new information contradicts the initial statement issued by the FGE, which attributed the accident to adverse weather conditions.

**The Victims**

The victims of the accident have been identified as a group of Argentinian tourists who had hired a private vehicle to explore the area. The group, consisting of two women and three men, were staying in various accommodations in Tulum and had enlisted the services of the van driver to transport them around the region.

**The Survivors**

Amidst the tragedy, a 30-year-old man and a 23-year-old woman from Argentina managed to survive the collision. Both individuals are currently receiving medical treatment at separate hospitals. The group was en route to Playa del Carmen when the accident occurred.

**Ongoing Investigation**

During a press conference held on Monday morning, State Secretary Cristina Torres Gómez assured the public that the State Attorney General’s Office is actively investigating the incident. The newly obtained video footage is expected to shed light on the circumstances leading up to the fatal crash.

**In Memory Of**

The deceased individuals, all of Argentine nationality, have been identified as Nahuel López, Sibella Hernan Ezequiel, Silvia Díaz Vanesa Paola, Amengual Geronimo, and Maximiliano Nicolás Laviano. Additionally, 33-year-old Freddy Omar Quijano Carrillo, the Mexican driver of the van, also lost his life in the tragic accident.

As the community mourns the loss of these individuals, questions linger about the events that transpired on that fateful day. The investigation into the incident continues as authorities work to uncover the truth behind this heartbreaking tragedy.

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