Jeffrey Herbert : “US Man Sentenced for Coercing Teen to Send Images”

In a recent case that shocked the community, a man from Billings was sentenced to 20 years in prison for coercing a minor girl in New York to produce and send him sexually explicit images. Jeffrey Eugene Herbert, 35, pleaded guilty to charges of production and possession of child pornography and will also be under lifetime supervised release.

**Background of the Incident**

The incident came to light when the parents of a 13-year-old girl, known as Jane Doe 1, reported to law enforcement that their daughter was being coerced to create inappropriate material online. An investigation revealed that Herbert, using the username “amberbaby 14141”, posed as a 14-year-old girl to solicit explicit content from the victim.

**Investigation and Arrest**

Law enforcement executed a search warrant at Herbert’s residence in October 2022, where they found electronic media containing evidence of his crimes. During an interview with authorities, Herbert confessed to coercing underage girls to create explicit content for his personal gratification.

**Prosecution and Justice**

Assistant US Attorney Zeno B. Baucus prosecuted the case, which was a part of Project Safe Childhood, an initiative by the Department of Justice to combat child sexual exploitation. The FBI and Montana Division of Criminal Investigation were instrumental in bringing Herbert to justice.

**Impact of the Crime**

The court ordered Herbert to pay restitution of US$842 and identified potentially 22 minor victims who were exploited by him. The case highlights the importance of protecting children from online predators and the need for continued efforts to prevent such crimes in the future.

In conclusion, the sentencing of Jeffrey Eugene Herbert serves as a reminder of the dangers that children face online and the importance of staying vigilant against such threats.

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