Adu Boakye : “Ghanaian Father Killed in Toronto Bus Stop Shooting”

In a tragic incident that has shocked the community, a 39-year-old father of four from Ghana has been identified as the victim of a fatal shooting in northwest Toronto. The man, identified as Adu Boakye, was one of two individuals shot in separate incidents less than 24 hours apart while waiting for a bus in the area of Jane Street and Driftwood Avenue over the weekend.

**Details of the Incident**

According to police reports, Boakye and another 16-year-old boy were shot indiscriminately by unknown assailants. The 16-year-old victim, who was on his way to a volleyball game at the time of the shooting, remains in critical condition with potentially life-altering injuries.

**Possible Gang Activity**

Investigators believe that the shootings are connected and may be linked to gang activity. A suspected stolen vehicle used by the suspect(s) in both incidents was found abandoned in Hamilton. However, police have not determined a motive for the attacks and have stated that there is no evidence of gang affiliation for either victim.

**Community Response**

Community members and law enforcement officials have expressed alarm over the senseless violence. Supt. Andy Singh of 31 Division emphasized that both victims were completely innocent bystanders. In response to the incidents, police have set up a command post in the North York neighbourhood and are urging residents to report any suspicious activity.

**Search for Suspect**

Despite releasing surveillance images of a suspect described as a Black male between 18 and 25 years old, no arrests have been made. The suspect, who was last seen wearing a black coat and white hoodie, remains at large. Police are confident that tips from the community will play a crucial role in identifying the suspect and bringing him to justice.

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