Balveer Kushwaha : “Gwalior Man Murders Wife For Busy Phone”

A tragic incident unfolded in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, where a man allegedly murdered his wife out of suspicion of an extra-marital affair. The accused, Balveer Kushwaha, worked as an outsourced driver for the Gwalior Municipal Corporation. He became increasingly suspicious of his wife, Meera Kushwaha, spending long hours on phone calls, which always seemed to keep her line busy. This suspicion eventually led to a fatal confrontation between the couple.

**Suspicion and Confrontation**

Balveer’s doubts about Meera’s character came to a head when he confronted her about her phone conversations. The argument quickly escalated, resulting in a violent attack with a stick that tragically ended Meera’s life. Their two-year-old son was present during the assault, adding to the horror of the situation. After the incident, Balveer fled, leaving behind his terrified child.

**Police Investigation and Arrest**

Local authorities and forensic teams swiftly arrived at the crime scene to gather evidence. Balveer was apprehended and taken into custody, with forensic evidence such as Meera’s phone, earphones, and the blood-stained stick collected for further investigation. Relatives were alerted to the tragedy when Meera’s sister-in-law arrived at the scene and discovered the gruesome aftermath.

**Family Dynamics and Previous Disputes**

The couple, who had been married since 2010, had three children together. Recent disputes between them, fueled by Balveer’s suspicions of infidelity, had strained their relationship. Residents in the area mentioned that Meera had conversations with a young man from the neighbourhood, which only added to Balveer’s insecurities. The extended family had previously intervened in their disputes, attempting to reconcile the couple.

**Ongoing Investigation**

Assistant Superintendent of Police, Shiyaz K.M., revealed that the motive behind the murder appeared to be linked to suspicions about Meera’s character. The investigation is ongoing to gather all relevant details and uncover the full truth behind this heartbreaking incident. The children, left traumatized by the events, were unable to provide any information due to the shock. Family members are rallying around them to provide support during this difficult time.

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