Narabjeet Singh : “Delhi Police Busts Stolen Phone IMEI Gang”

In a recent development in New Delhi, the police have uncovered a criminal gang involved in changing the IMEIs of stolen mobile phones. The gang, which operated in west Delhi, assisted snatchers and mobile thieves in altering the unique identifiers of the stolen devices. Three members of the gang, identified as Narabjeet Singh, Manish Singh, and Gurmeet Singh, all residents of Tilak Nagar, have been apprehended by the authorities.

79 stolen phones along with a laptop containing software and other incriminating data were recovered from the suspects. The altered IMEIs have made it challenging for the police to link the phones to the numerous FIRs that were lodged. However, they have successfully connected them to four cases in their jurisdiction so far and are working on reuniting the rest of the phones with their rightful owners.

The rise of ‘IMEI changers’ in the city has posed a significant challenge for law enforcement, resulting in a low recovery rate of stolen mobile phones. The gang utilized specialized software to assign new IMEIs to the handsets, making it difficult to track their origins. The modified phones were then sold in the grey market as genuine, used devices.

The breakthrough came when sub-inspector Amit’s team received a tip about a suspect engaged in this illegal activity. Following a strategic operation, Narabjeet was caught with a stolen phone from Hari Nagar, with its IMEI altered. During interrogation, he revealed the intricate process involved in changing the IMEIs and how the gang operated.

DCP (West) Vichitra Veer stated, “We are investigating the source and distribution network of these modified mobile phones.” The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) is a crucial 15-digit serial number unique to each mobile phone, providing essential details about the device. The police rely on this number to track stolen phones, making it a vital tool in combating mobile theft.

The authorities are now focused on dismantling the entire operation and ensuring that stolen phones are returned to their rightful owners. The case serves as a reminder of the importance of safeguarding personal belongings and being vigilant in a world where technology can be exploited for criminal activities.

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