Theodore Tommy-Alemenar Garcia : “Crowley Man Charged with Capital Murder in Forney Resident’s Death”

A Crowley man, Theodore Tommy-Alemenar Garcia, aged 23, has been officially charged with capital murder in connection with the tragic shooting of Forney resident Jessica Campos. The incident occurred back in December 2023 and resulted in the untimely deaths of both Campos and another suspect, 17-year-old Andrew Chazarreta from Fort Worth.

**The Incident Unfolds**
On the fateful night of December 17, Forney police officers rushed to the scene on the 100 block of Mandarin Street after receiving reports of gunfire. There, they discovered Campos’ lifeless body in her own garage, a victim of a senseless act of violence. Just an hour later, Chazarreta, the suspected shooter, was found dead from a gunshot wound in a 24-hour ER parking lot in Arlington.

**Police Dedication and Community Support**
Forney Police Chief Carrie White praised the relentless efforts of her detectives in bringing Garcia to justice. She highlighted the collaborative work with multiple jurisdictions that led to the arrest of the suspect. The community’s unwavering support and determination to seek justice for Campos and Chazarreta were instrumental in pushing the investigation forward.

**Arrest and Closure**
After an extensive investigation spanning various areas, Garcia was apprehended on February 17. The authorities have confirmed that no additional suspects are being pursued in this tragic case. The narrative of this heartbreaking incident, stemming from a heated argument and escalating into fatal violence, has now reached a point of closure within the realms of the legal system.

In the quiet aftermath of such senseless violence, the call for justice resonates among those impacted by the loss of Campos and Chazarreta. The echoes of this tragedy continue to reverberate, reminding us of the fragility of life and the importance of seeking accountability for acts of violence in our communities.

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