Lyndell Mays : “Kansas City Parade Shooter Lyndell Mays Admits to ‘Being Stupid'”

Two individuals have been charged with murder following a tragic shooting at the Super Bowl victory parade in Kansas City. The suspects have been identified as Dominic Miller, 18, and Lyndell Mays, 23, both of whom were injured in the incident. According to prosecutor Jean Peters Baker of Jackson County, the two men face charges of second-degree murder, armed criminal action, and unlawful use of a weapon.

It is alleged that Miller is responsible for the fatal shooting of Lisa Lopez Galvan, 43, during the parade. Court documents have revealed that Mays admitted to his involvement in the altercation, stating that he was “just being stupid” when he confronted a group of individuals before the shooting occurred. Mays, accompanied by two friends, got into an argument with the group, leading to a violent confrontation.

During the altercation, Mays brandished a gun and began chasing a person before opening fire. This action prompted others to draw their own weapons, escalating the situation further. Mays later confessed that he fired his weapon first out of fear for his female friend’s safety, believing she was in danger of being shot.

Mays’ mother launched a GoFundMe campaign to support her son during his recovery from the incident. The fundraiser included photos of Mays in the hospital, where he was undergoing treatment for multiple gunshot wounds. However, the GoFundMe page was later taken down.

The investigation into the shooting is ongoing, with the possibility of additional charges being filed. Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker has indicated that further developments may arise as the case progresses. The incident has shocked the community and raised concerns about safety and security at public events.

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