Nex Benedict : “LGBTQ Student Attack Video Released by Authorities”

Authorities in Oklahoma are set to release footage from inside the school where a LGBTQ student was reportedly attacked and assaulted in a bathroom one day before their tragic death. The incident took place at Owasso High School West Campus, where Nex Benedict, the 16-year-old student, was involved in a fight on February 7.

**Police Investigation and Video Release**
Hallway cameras at the school captured Nex before and after the altercation, according to Owasso Police Department spokesman Nick Boatman. The authorities have reviewed the footage and plan to release it to the public at a later date. However, specific details about the contents of the video have not been disclosed.

**Autopsy Findings**
Preliminary information from an autopsy revealed that Nex’s death on February 8 was not a result of trauma. A toxicology exam is pending, and a full autopsy report will be made available in due course. The cause and manner of death have not been confirmed at this time.

**Family and Legal Statements**
A lawyer representing Nex’s family stated that the teen was assaulted by a group of students in the bathroom. Nex’s mother, Sue Benedict, previously mentioned that the student had been subjected to bullying due to their gender identity. The family is calling for a thorough investigation into the incident and for accountability to be upheld.

**School’s Response**
In the wake of the tragic event, school officials have emphasized their commitment to student safety and security. They have acknowledged the fight that occurred on school grounds and the subsequent passing of a student. The altercation lasted two minutes and was intervened by other students and a staff member. The students involved in the fight provided statements to administrators, and their parents were contacted.

**Legal Landscape**
Nex’s death comes amidst a backdrop of legislative actions targeting LGBTQ individuals in Oklahoma. Governor Kevin Stitt signed three bills into law last year, including measures that restrict transgender students and staff from using restrooms aligning with their gender identity. These laws have faced legal challenges, with ongoing debates surrounding LGBTQ rights and protections in the state.

**Ongoing Investigation**
Authorities continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding Nex’s death and the events leading up to the tragic incident. The family, school, and law enforcement are working together to ensure that justice is served and to prevent similar occurrences in the future. The community remains united in seeking answers and advocating for a safer environment for all students.

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