Siddhesh : CID Arrests Accused in Sex Racket

CID Officials Arrest Another Suspect in Sex Determination Racket

In a recent development in the sex determination racket case busted by the Baiyappanahalli police last year, the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) officials have arrested another suspect named Siddhesh. The arrest took place on Thursday, and during the operation, the officials also confiscated a third scanning machine from him.

Background of the Incident

The incident first came to light in October last year when the night beat police, during a routine vehicle check around Old Madras Road, intercepted two suspects, Veeresh and Gowda, who were transporting a pregnant woman to Mandya. The suspects tried to escape but were apprehended by the police at the NGEF signal. This initial arrest led to the uncovering of the sex determination racket.

Details of the Investigation

CID officials had previously arrested Lakshman Gowda M., the owner of Avishkar Brothers Biomedical Private Limited in Mangaluru, for supplying scanning machines to the accused involved in the racket. The accused, who were licensed to procure, repair, and sell scanning machines, illegally passed on the machines to Dr. Mallikarjuna, who then distributed them to the suspects without proper authorization.

Siddhesh’s Role in the Racket

Siddhesh, aged 34 and a native of Davangere, was one of the 18 accused in the racket. His responsibilities included ferrying customers and transporting scanning machines between different centres. Despite being on the run, Siddhesh was finally apprehended in K.R. Pete by the CID officials.

Illegal Activities Uncovered

Investigations revealed that the accused would take pregnant women to a jaggery making unit in Mandya, where they operated a medical setup with scan and ultrasound machines. The suspects would then determine the gender of the foetus and perform illegal abortions. It was discovered that the suspects charged exorbitant fees ranging from ₹18,000 to ₹20,000 for each scan conducted. Upon raiding the premises, the police found seven women in the facility.

The ongoing investigations by the CID aim to bring all the perpetrators involved in the sex determination racket to justice and put an end to such illegal activities.

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