Chillicothe Police Department : “Chillicothe Police Report 02/22/24: Arrests and Incidents”

The Chillicothe Police Department had a busy day on Thursday, February 22nd, 2024, as they responded to various calls for service throughout the community. Let’s take a closer look at some of the incidents that occurred that day.

Early in the morning, at 5:20 AM, officers rushed to the 1700 block of Hickory Street following a distressing call about a sexual assault. Thanks to their quick response, a suspect was arrested as part of the ongoing investigation.

As the day progressed, officers took on a more lighthearted duty at 10:00 AM by assisting with the annual Drive Your Tractor to School Day. They escorted local FFA students in celebration of FFA week, showing their support for the community.

During the midday hours, at 11:28 AM, officers responded to a report of a domestic disturbance on the 900 block of Frederick Street. Thankfully, the situation turned out to be a verbal altercation, which officers were able to de-escalate through mediation, ensuring no further action was needed.

In the afternoon, at 3:18 PM, officers recovered property that was later identified as a controlled substance on the 500 block of Corporate Drive. Their diligence in investigating such incidents highlights their commitment to keeping the community safe.

The day’s efforts extended into the night, with officers heading to the 1000 block of Graves Street at 10:00 PM following a child neglect report. They assessed the situation to ensure the child’s safety and well-being, with charges pending as the investigation continues.

Overall, the Chillicothe Police Department’s dedication to public safety was evident throughout the day as they responded to various incidents and worked to keep the community safe. Their swift actions and thorough investigations are a testament to their commitment to serving and protecting the residents of Chillicothe.

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