Louise Laderoute : “Edmonton Police Identify Bodies from 1970s”

Edmonton Police Solve Decades-Old Mystery of Two Indigenous Women

Tragic Discovery in the 1970s

Back in the 1970s, two Indigenous women were found dead in Edmonton under mysterious circumstances. The bodies were discovered near the North Saskatchewan River in 1975 and outside in Edmonton in 1976. Despite autopsies being conducted, the women could not be identified at the time, leaving their families in a state of uncertainty and grief.

Breakthrough in DNA Technology

Decades later, Edmonton police have made a breakthrough using DNA technology to finally identify the remains of these two women. The bodies of both women were exhumed in 2023, and with the help of forensic testing, they were able to determine their identities.

Victims Identified

The first woman found in 1975 was identified as Louise Laderoute, a member of the Papaschase First Nation who went missing from Edmonton at the age of 24. The second woman found in 1976 was identified as Irene Jacknife, who was reported missing from Drayton Valley at the age of 30.

Bringing Closure to Families

The identification of these two women has brought some closure to their families who have been grieving for decades. Detective Kevin Harrison from the EPS Historical Crimes Unit emphasized the importance of using today’s technology to bring resolution to these cold cases and provide comfort to the families of the victims.

Ongoing Investigations

Despite this breakthrough, Edmonton police are still actively investigating 14 unsolved unidentified human remains cases dating back to 1979. They continue to work tirelessly to bring closure to families and seek justice for the victims.


The use of DNA technology in solving cold cases like these is a testament to the advancements in forensic science. It is a step towards bringing closure to families and ensuring that justice is served for the victims. The relentless efforts of law enforcement agencies in solving these cases are commendable, and they continue to work towards resolving other unsolved mysteries in the future.

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