Nex Benedict : “Nonbinary Student Beaten to Death in OK School”

A tragic incident has rocked the town of Owasso, Oklahoma, as a sophomore student named Nex Benedict tragically lost their life after a violent altercation with three older female students in a high school bathroom. Nex, who identified as non-binary, was involved in a fight with a transgender student against the three girls, resulting in severe head injuries that ultimately led to their untimely death.

Background of the Incident
The incident took place on February 7, when Nex was knocked to the ground and suffered severe head injuries during the altercation. It was reported that the fight was broken up by other students and a school staff member who was supervising outside the restroom. Nex had been facing bullying due to their gender identity since early 2023, which escalated into the tragic event that took their life.

Family’s Response
Nex’s mother, Sue Benedict, expressed her fury at the school’s lack of response, stating that they failed to call an ambulance or the police after the incident. The school even informed her that Nex was being suspended for two weeks, adding to the family’s grief and frustration. Nex’s sister, Malia Pila, highlighted that gender identity was never an issue in their family, emphasizing the need for acceptance and inclusivity.

Investigations and Reactions
As investigations into Nex’s death continue, questions have been raised about the circumstances surrounding the tragic event. The Owasso Police Department stated that the preliminary autopsy report indicated that Nex did not die as a result of trauma. However, concerns persist about the lack of accountability and justice for Nex and their family.

Impact of Far-Right Policies
Nex’s death comes amidst a backdrop of far-right campaigns against public education and equality, particularly targeting transgender and LGBTQ individuals. Oklahoma’s Republican government has been at the forefront of anti-LGBTQ legislation, including bans on gender-affirming healthcare for transgender minors. The appointment of controversial figures like Chaya Raichik to influential positions reflects the discriminatory agenda promoted by far-right elements.

Calls for Justice and Accountability
As the community mourns the loss of Nex, calls for justice and accountability have intensified. The tragic incident has shed light on the challenges faced by LGBTQ youth in hostile environments and the urgent need for comprehensive anti-bullying measures in schools. The family’s quest for truth and closure underscores the importance of addressing systemic issues that contribute to such senseless acts of violence.

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