Nicholas Jordan : “Roommates’ Trash Dispute Ends in Fatal Shooting”

A tragic incident unfolded in a Colorado dorm room last week, where a college student stands accused of killing his roommate and another individual. The suspect, Nicholas Jordan, allegedly made a chilling threat to his roommate a month prior, stating he would “kill him” if asked to take out the trash again. Despite reports of conflicts and the threat being reported to campus authorities, there was no action taken to remove Jordan from the room.

Jordan, a 25-year-old junior studying accounting, now faces charges of two counts of first-degree murder, felony menacing, and committing a crime of violence. The victims of the incident were identified as Samuel Knopp, 24, and Celie Rain Montgomery, 26, both from Colorado. The arrest affidavit revealed that Jordan had filed a request to withdraw from the university just hours before the fatal shootings occurred.

Investigators learned that Jordan had a fully loaded AK-47 in addition to a gun found in his car. Authorities also discovered that Jordan had entered the dorm building on the day of the incident using an electronic access number assigned to him. A surveillance camera captured someone running out of the building shortly before the bodies were discovered.

The University of Colorado-Colorado Springs has been tight-lipped about the incident due to ongoing investigations and federal student privacy laws. Meanwhile, Jordan’s lawyer objected to the release of the arrest affidavit, claiming his client was being “prosecuted in the media.” Despite this, Jordan remains in custody, with a hearing on the evidence scheduled for March 27.

The community is in shock over the senseless tragedy that took the lives of two individuals, including a talented music student, Samuel Knopp. As the investigation continues, more details are expected to emerge about the events leading up to the deadly altercation in the dorm room.

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