Andrew Sexton : Andrew Sexton Arrested for Gunman Suspected in Rialto Family Safe

**Terrifying Home Invasion in Rialto Shakes Neighborhood**

It was a frightening scene in the quiet neighborhood of Rialto on Valentine’s Day when a gunman, later identified as Andrew Sexton, broke into a family’s home in search of his estranged girlfriend and their infant child. The Fontana Sheriff’s Deputies were called to the 19000 block of Oakland Avenue in the early hours of the morning after reports of gunfire at the residence.

**Desperate Search for the Suspect**

Despite the quick response from law enforcement, Sexton had already fled the scene, leaving behind a shaken family who had been threatened and shot at by the intruder. The Fontana Sheriff’s Station immediately launched an investigation, setting up surveillance in various locations to track down the dangerous suspect known for his violent tendencies.

**Arrest and Relief for the Victims**

Nearly a week later, on February 21, Sexton was located entering an apartment on Loma Avenue in San Bernardino. With the help of the Sheriff’s Department Specialized Enforcement Division, a successful arrest was made, ensuring the safety of all victims involved, including the infant who was thankfully not present during the home invasion.

**Legal Consequences for the Gunman**

Andrew Sexton now faces charges of home invasion and assault with a firearm, as he sits behind bars at the Central Detention Center. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the potential dangers that can lurk in seemingly peaceful neighborhoods, prompting the Sheriff’s Department to urge the public to come forward with any additional information related to the case.

**Community Safety and Ongoing Investigation**

Residents are encouraged to contact the Fontana Sheriff’s Station with any tips or information that may assist in the ongoing investigation. Anonymous tips can be submitted through the We-Tip Hotline, as deputies work diligently to ensure the safety and security of the community. The case, identified by number 032400492, remains open as authorities continue to piece together the events of that harrowing night.

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